One day after stating that he believed R. Kelly "got railroaded" with a guilty verdict, Bill Cosby is back in headlines. The veteran entertainer knows a thing or two about the effects of a sex crimes scandal and the feeling had when learning of a conviction, so he expressed sympathy to the music icon. Cosby has often come forward to speak up for those that he believes deserve support or for those that defend him against allegations of sexual misconduct. Following his remarks about Kelly, Cosby reappeared on his Instagram to give a shoutout to Boosie Badazz, a longtime supporter.

Boosie has recently released his biopic My Struggle and has run into a few roadblocks now that the film has appeared on YouTube and pirating sites for free. The rapper has lamented over people placing a dent in his profits, but Cosby wanted Boosie to know that he had his support.

On Instagram, Cosby uploaded the poster of My Struggle and wrote, "Lil Boosie, I have always appreciated your truth and support. What I’m about to say, is not to compensate you because you supported Bill Cosby. My publicist, Mr. Andrew Wyatt told me about your film, 'My Struggle' and I am encouraging all of my supporters and fans to make this American Citizen, Lil Boosie’s film, 'My Struggle' a box office success."

"Thank you very much." The internet had quite a bit to say about this unlikely friendship, so you can check it out for yourself below.