After years of controversy over the accusations against him, Bill Cosby was finally sentenced to between three and ten years in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand. Since the verdict in September, there have been responses that range from the questionable to the relatively more sane. There's Young Thug's Instagram post implicitly denying the verdict, or Snoop Dogg's where he uses the occasion to call for justice for Emmet Till. The State of California Franchise Tax Board has come a little late to the party but they've decided to take advantage of Cosby's being stuck in jail to get the money he owes them. 

Mark Makela/Getty Images

Last August, the day before Cosby's lawyer asked to be removed from his retrial, the state filed a $1.8 million lien for the taxes owed by Cosby and his wife Camille from the year 2015 (a lien being a hold on assets until the debt is payed off). The state of California has applied to lift the lien after Cosby payed the almost $2 million from jail. The specific prison is called the Phoenix Pennsylvania’s State Correctional Institute (yes, named after the bird that rises from the ashes, which Cosby likely won't do) where Cosby could end up as part of their 1200-person workforce hemming pants for $0.49 an hour.

See photos of the receipt of Cosby's payment here