Bill Cosby's currently behind bars, but it seems to be attracting unwarranted attention to the State Correctional Institute Phoenix. According to TMZ, the ashamed comedian spent a day in lockdown after SCI spotted a drone following him.

Clem Murray - Pool/Getty Images

Bill Cosby was reportedly placed on a full day of lockdown after officials spotted a drone following the comedian in the yard. Sources said that a drone flew above the prison facility while he was being escorted around the yard. The comedian has a personal escort with him while he's in the yard because he's legally blind. Bill Cosby was placed under a full day of lockdown immediately after State Correctional Institute Phoenix security spotted the drone flying over the prison. Officials believe that it was sent by a media company who was trying to get a flick of Cosby. His attorneys were informed of the matter.

It's still unclear if the media outlet managed to get a flick of Cosby -- the state Department of Corrections said they don't speak on security matters either. Pensylvania prisons were equipped with drone detection systems last year.

Bill Cosby is serving 3-10 years in prison after he was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his estate in 2004. More than 60 other women have come forward with similar accusations. Most recently, an alleged video of the comedian acting inappropriately towards a then 18-year-old girl surfaced and will be presented in an upcoming trial.