As Bill Cosby awaits his sentencing in his sexual assault case, he's doing anything in his power to avoid jail time. The 81-year-old comedian is currently facing 30 years behind bars after he was convicted for sexual assault. Now, in an attempt to keep Cosby out of prison, his psychologist claims that the comedian can't be a threat anymore because it's been years since he was able to have sex.

According to The Blast, Dr. Timothy Foley testified on the stand and said that Bill Cosby hasn't even been able to have sex in the past fifteen years. “He’s 81 years old, he’s been convicted of a sex offense, and after 70 it becomes virtually impossible to re-offend," Foley said.

“He’s had no sexual conduct in approximately 15 years," Foley added. His legal team is essentially arguing that he can't re-offend or even be a threat to any more women because he's not even capable of having sex anymore, therefore he shouldn't have to serve a lengthy sentence behind bars.

It doesn't seem like the efforts of Bill's legal team or psychologist worked. Judge O'Neill strongly disagreed with Foley's argument and claimed that Cosby is a “sexually violent predator.”

Psychologist Kristen Dudley testified that Cosby is likely to re-offend and that he showed signs of having a mental disorder that causes him to find a thrill out of sexually assaulting victims after drugging them.

Cosby is currently in court waiting for his sentence. We'll keep you updated.