Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby is firing back at critics who have spoken out in contempt of his June 30 prison release. Cosby's release from his prison sentence was a surprise for many, and his liberation faced many mixed reactions. Now, the former Cosby Show actor is speaking out against those who have spoken out against him.

Rob Loud/Getty Images

Bill Cosby's robust use of social media after his release has attracted the attention of many. On July 10, Cosby posted an exclusive interview he had done with the Black Press of America to his Instagram page. "The court’s decision was not a technicality,” said Cosby in the post's incredibly long caption. “These people sound like they haven’t read what the judges have written. It’s not a technicality. These [detractors] don’t want to know anything. It’s like the woman who said she knows five women that I drugged and raped. Well, where are they?"

During the same interview that Bill Cosby posted to his Instagram, he made it a point to come to former Cosby Show co-star Phylicia Rashad's defense. "They didn’t like what she was doing before. The power of money, the power of money supporting things that people cannot find the money to support themselves." Cosby said in reference to the negative public backlash Rashad received for her comments that were made in Cosby's favor.

It doesn't end there, the disgraced comedian addresses his detractors directly in the post by saying, "I know what happened, and I’m watching and hearing these fascists and Nazis, and I watched them really come out of the woodworks as termites." 

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