Since his imprisonment, Bill Cosby has been said to have made some interesting claims about his situation. A phone call detailed a supernatural experience with his deceased mother. Then, the actor apparently embodied his famed character, Dr. Huxtable, in the joint. Now, he is claiming that his being imprisoned while innocent adds him to a list of iconic figures who have served time due to injustice.

Mark Makela/Getty Images

While speaking with the Washington Informer, his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt revealed that Cosby likens himself to Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela as they have "helped him prepare for this chapter of his life."

"He said they told him that if he was going to continue to fight for civil rights, something like this was bound to happen and he's been prepared for it and he knows he's in prison not for rape, but for infidelity," Wyatt explained. "He knows he's innocent and he's kept his head up."

“He said it’s just that the mainstream media is continuing its efforts to try and stop him from getting the facts out,” Wyatt said. “He said to look at the facts, ‘I shouldn’t be here, but I’m here. But, I will be able to write about it, write music about it. They can put you away, but they can’t take away your memory, your life experience.'”