Bill Cosby currently sits in a correctional facility in Pennsylvania since his guilty verdict on three counts of aggravated indecent assault. The latter occurred after a year-long trial where numerous women claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Coby throughout his active years as an actor and entertainer. As such, it's been recently reported that the former stand-up comedian was suing his previous defense team for allegedly cheating him out of millions. The actor asserts the lawyers overcharged him and bamboozled him into a $9 million dollar invoice over the span of 9 months. While we wait for further details on the matter, it seems Cosby decided to come for someone else.

Bill Cosby's attorneys issued a statement via the actor's official Instagram page. Herein, they accuse the judge responsible for the rejection of all of Cosby's bail attempts of racial bias. According to Page Six, the lawyers filed for temporary bail while awaiting a thorough review of the 2017 trial's technicalities. The reasoning behind this stems from countless appeals set forth by Cosby's legal team, all of which were reportedly dismissed by trial Judge Steven O'Neil.   

The disgraced star continues to deny any wrongdoing and has since deemed his imprisonment to be the result of a set-up. One within which Judge O'Neil apparently plays a role. The Cosby Show star's lawyers have asked for O'Neil to be removed from the case altogether due to his racist judgment impairing the case's owed impartiality: “We’re asking that this scandalous judge be removed immediately, and Mr. Cosby be granted bail throughout the appeals process, because the judge’s racial hatred towards Mr. Cosby, clouds his better judgment to be a good steward of the bench.”