Bill Burr always finds a way to make some of the most hilarious outlooks work in a twisted method. The veteran comedian was on Conan recently, and he was asked if he believed in the anti-vax sentiment that the COVID-19 vaccine was made to kill off the population. Burr, finding the conspiracy hilarious, had a great response. Why would the government kill off the "sheeple?" Burr claims that people taking the vaccine are the type of people who listen to the government, so why would the "overlords" want to murder the group that willingly listens to them?

“No, because what they would do, they would be killing all what they call ‘the sheeple,’ so all the people that go, ‘What are we supposed to do?’ They’re going to kill us and just be left with all the Fonzies with their leather jackets who are too cool to listen to people," Burr joked. ” They’re “eliminating the wrong group,” Conan replied. Burr continues on to claim, "So maybe they vaxxed us sheeple, so that they can have a second COVID thing come out to kill all the cool people." 

Check out the entire clip below and let us know what you think.