New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is concerned with one thing and one thing only this time of year: The New England Patriots. Case in point, it seems as though Belichick wasn't even aware that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck had retired because he has been so busy getting his team ready to defend their Super Bowl championship.

In classic Belichick fashion, the Pats coach said the following when asked about Luck's sudden retirement this past weekend.

"He's a good player. I didn't see that, but I don't really follow them," Belichick said of Luck. "We all have to make our decisions. He made his. I respect it."

According to ESPN, the Patriots later tried to clarify that Belichick meant he didn't see Luck's retirement coming, not that he didn't know about the biggest NFL news of the weekend. Patriots QB Tom Brady was also asked about Luck's retirement during an appearance on The Greg Hill Show Monday morning.

Here's what Brady had to say (H/T WEEI):

“It is his life. Everyone has the right to choose what they want to do," he said. "He had a great career and he was a great player. Everybody wishes they could be healthy all the time. It is a contact sport and he’s certainly had his fair share of injuries, so guys retire at different times. Some at the end of the season, and I have seen a lot of guys retire before the season gets going and this is just one of those examples.”

The Patriots will wrap up their pre-season slate on Thursday, at home, against the New York Giants. Belichick, Brady and co. will host the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first Sunday night football game of the 2019 season, as they celebrate their most recent Super Bowl championship and kickoff their hunt for another.