Just yesterday, we reported that TMZ had obtained surveillance footage of a man believed to be Brian Laundrie, riding a bike down a sandy path on the outskirts of a Florida man’s property, roughly three hours away from his home. Now, the gossip site says that a bike has been found and reported near the same area, prompting police to come test it for fingerprints.

The bike was discovered behind the shed of an autoworker named Jon in the city of Hernando. As far as he knows, it was left there either Friday night or Saturday morning, and cops reportedly arrived at the scene on Tuesday.


Jon told TMZ that officers spent roughly 15 minutes investigating, and told him that their department has been receiving plenty of tips about Laundrie, although most of them turn out to be dead ends.

Not long before the surveillance footage was obtained yesterday, a hiker on the Appalachian trail claimed to have run into a very disoriented Laundrie lookalike, seeking a way to get to California without having to travel on any main roads.

The wanted man’s own father has also aided officials in the ongoing search, and Dog the Bounty Hunter has been adamantly searching for Laundrie while posting updates to social media.

At the end of September, police issued a warrant for the Florida native’s arrest after it was discovered that he had illegally used his fiancée, Gabby Petito’s debit card. The 22-year-old was reported missing by her family after not returning home from a road trip with Laundrie, and was later found dead in Wyoming. RIP.

For more information on Petito and Laundrie, check out our story unpacking body cam footage of the couple’s dispute.