The Notorious B.I.G had a short-lived career that nonetheless had a huge impact before his untimely death. The rapper only released one album before he died with his second, Life After Death released after his passing. His debut Ready To Die is revered as a pivotal album in hip hop's history, it's impact still resonates in hip hop today. With the resurgence of vinyl records Vinyl Me, Please, it set to release the Notorious B.I.G.'s Ready To Die for the first time on a limited edition colored vinyl as their Record Of The Month in September. 

The limited edition re-servicing of the record would make it the first time in over a decade with the vinyl itself having also been re-mastered into a double LP. The colored vinyl will match up to the color scheme of the album's cover. One of the records will be a white vinyl with black and red splatter across it while the other one will be a black vinyl with white and red splatter. The vinyl itself also includes several other pieces of limited edition memorabilia. The vinyl cover will still include the iconic cover that will have metallic red foil and an embossed text. In addition to that, there's also a 12 x 12 print art print from Braulio Amado included with it as well. Those who have a subscription to Vinyl Me, Please will be receiving the LP this September.

While the Biggie vinyl is being re-pressed, Vinyl Me Please, the company behind it's re-servicing has also been pushing out other hip hop records and have managed to find a deeper market that are interested in hip hop vinyls. Now, they will be providing a hip hop based subscription to their service. 

In a statement to Billboard, the head of music of Vinyl Me Please, Cameron Schaefer, said that over the past few years, they've recognized the demand for hip hop records. With that, they've decided to have a hip hop based subscription to cater to the younger generations of rap and hip hop fans and reintroduce them to the vinyl experience. 

Check out the video below for the unboxing of their Ready To Die vinyl: