There has been some unfortunate news to come out of the Big3 today as it was confirmed by the league that one of their rising stars, 37-year-old Andre Emmett, was shot and killed in Dallas this morning. Emmett was a huge star in college while playing for Texas Tech and was dominating the Big3 this past season as he was the second-leading scorer. As of right now, there aren't many details about the shooting although as you can imagine, the league and it's founder, Ice Cube, are in a state of shock.

"The BIG3 is in a state of shock over the sudden and tragic death of Andre Emmett. Andre was a member of the BIG3 family for two seasons and never without a smile on his face," the league wrote on Twitter. "His kindness towards others and easy-going demeanor made him a joy to be around." 

Ice Cube also commented the news saying "In shock this morning. It always hurts a little more when bad things happen to good people like Andre Emmett."

This past season, Emmett got to play for 3's Company and was even inducted into Texas Tech's Hall of Fame a year ago.