Kylie Jenner, age 19, has immortalized the name of her 27-year-old man-friend, Tyga, with a new ankle tattoo. OK, so she could have it removed relatively easily -- she's certainly already undergone far more serious cosmetic procedures -- but still, this type of ink should suggest that true love is in the air. Remember the couple had broken up for a short time last summer. Now, how many young girls have devoted tattoos to their boos only to be left alone with nothing but the indelible mark of a lost lover? Let's pray for King Kylie... 

To be fair, Kylie's new tat is about as subtle as could possibly be. She didn't even write out Tyga, or his full name, or T-Raww, and there's no image of a tiger. Instead, she simply got a tiny lowercase "t" on her left ankle. Think Big T spends a lot of time near her feet? 

You may remember that Tyga already has Kylie's full first name -- written in cursive and in MUCH larger font -- tatted on his right arm. He made that decision shortly before their brief breakup last summer, and thus far, and it hasn't led him astray ever since they got back together. 

Kylie and Tyga have been doing some serious romancing lately. He made a sudden appearance in her new, mostly naked short film, putting his hands on her soaked white T-shirt in the steam shower. The film's director spoke on the celebrity couple's relationship, saying, "They have a genuine, beautiful energy." 

Now that they both have each other inked on their bodies, how far away are we from witnessing the Kyga wedding spectacular on the E! channel?