Big Sean has always been regarded as a respectable lyricist, so it's no surprise that his new Metro Boomin collaboration was heavy on the bars. And while some are a little hesitant to give Sean his props, the Detroit rapper has proven himself capable of dropping lines at are at once thought provoking, witty, and in the case of sex anthem "So Good," hilarious. We've combed through the lyrics of Double Or Nothing and amassed some of Big Sean's most quotable lines for your viewing pleasure. If you haven't yet checked out the album, I'd recommend you throw it on, as Sean's lyrics are generally enhanced by his capable flow. 

Did we miss any particular Sean quotables? If so, sound off below. Otherwise, enjoy some of Big Sean' finest lyrical moments. 

1. Go Legend

Look, bitch this not a drill, this the real thing (whoa)
I do what the fuck I feel, fuck your feelings, yeah
Made my blueprints, so my life got no ceilings (I don't see 'em)
I create the energy that they keep stealing, yeah

2. Go Legend 

In my castle like Mario
I get in shit, my heart, and soul
You boys got no cardio
All of my soldiers rock army clothes
'Head of my time like Marty though
Watchin the Rick and Morty show, while I smoke

3. Big Bidness

We tell the truth, you tellin' stories 'round the campfire
Yeah, it's all game ho, let it soak
Me and my bros rock the same chains around like we a cult
I'm the one in the bunch, they protect me like the Pope
Going all night on the daily though

4. Big Bidness

You n***s my little cuzzos, little n***s
Nobody sonning me
If I am a sun, I'm the one you look up to
Fuck you

5. Who's Stopping Me

I had a dream I rode with Rosa Parks in the back of the 'Bach (damn)
And we was blowing a blunt and she was packing a strap
Like damn, it do feel good to be black in the back
Going so far back, it felt like I was back in the act

6. Who's Stopping Me

We grew up poor, I changed my whole family trajectory (respect)
You couldn't see these type of checks if you was Einstein on Jeopardy (whoa)
Self-made to make that hell of a recipe (goddamn)
And if you not down with me, you offending me (no)
I'm so righteous, I'm praying for my enemies

7. Pull Up N Wreck

Panoramic views while I'm panning out my life (look up, look up)
And I grew up playing GoldenEye (damn)
So I'm used to sticking to the mission while they taking shots
When you this high, you disconnect a lot (yeah)
Sometimes I separate myself to connect the dots 

8. Pull Up N Wreck

Pull up with the spark, hit you in the dark 
Tear your ass apart when you swim with sharks
I'm in the car like Tony Starks 'cause I'm that smart 
Doing 106 then park like I'm in my yard 

9. So Good

Do the whole thing, I'ma last, I'ma last
Pussy so good, I never fuck you in the ass

10. So Good

I'd done fucked around and realigned your spine 
You look good from the front and the back
You lil baby, I'm the dad, tryna fuck so bad, 'cause that

11. Savage Time

Look, I'm taking out anyone in my way
I'm not playing with you, bitch, this not the WNBA
I'm a real-life star, so you know I need my space
Beat a white supremacist black, till that motherfucker hate his face

12. Savage Time

I give you one finger away for peace
I'ma take that water from Flint, and I'ma go up there to D.C
I'ma make the president drink, he wouldn't even let it touch his sink

13. Even The Odds

And I'm still hungry like a n***a was unsigned
Don't nobody want this shit more than I want mine
Fuck a free meal, boy, I'd rather go hunt mine

14. Even The Odds

This life just like a culdesac
The hood behind me like a cobra back
You quote the internet, I quote the facts

15. In Tune

And my mind is an open mind
I believe in the Bible and Quran
And I follow the signs, yeah not street signs
I mean universal signs, I'm outside
And I realize my life got more meaning than a triple-entendre

16. In Tune

I been drinking more water and popping less pills, man
Unless they vitamins, 'cause n***a I'm tryna live
And God blessed me like I got bad allergies
So I'm working like I run off an eternal battery

17. Reason

Keep my girls on rose petals, keep runnin' into the devil
Beat his ass every time, next time I'ma bring a shovel
To put his ass in the dirt and then laugh 'til it hurt
And I'm in rare form like Jordan airborne
I'm here, there, and gone, lowkey it's baritone

18. Reason

I think these boys don't like me, want to fight me
But they don't talk to my face like they do on IG
I guess it bring the best out of me when they doubt me (for sure)
Fucked up how my mind be, maybe the mayhem calm me

19. No Hearts, No Love

Shoutout to my loyal ones, I wish that it was more of us
Went from 30,000 a year to 30,000 feet as my floor plan
I got El Chapo with a choppa as my doorman
I'm on the other side taking care of what's important
If business not boomin' then it's time to change the format

20. No Hearts, No Love

Boy this shit intricate
Working like a machine, they keep trying to throw a wrench in it
But I'm too intuitive and into it
No ghostwriting, no sixth sensing it
That's why all this shit sound so intimate