With every rapper giving their two cents on the "Hottest MCs" list cooked up by MTV, it's only right that the #6 rapper, Big Sean, also weighs in. The G.O.O.D. rapper spoke to DJ Semtex about the list, and gave his thoughts on who it was missing (Pusha T) and if he felt he was high up enough on the list.

At first, when Big Sean was asked how he felt about his ranking, it seemed he was perfectly okay with it. The rapper said, "It was cool, I feel like people take it way to serious, all these rappers taking 'bout, 'oh I shoulda been higher.' I think everybody on that list earned they spot."

As he continued to discuss the list, and think about G.O.O.D. Music's output from 2012, it seemed he became less agreeable with his #6 spot. "I feel like G.O.O.D. Music had the hottest rap songs, biggest rap songs of 2012. That was Kanye's work, that was my work, that was our work. I dunno, for me and Kanye to be 7 and 6, whatchu think? If you on the hottest rap songs of 2012 and you 7 and 6 what that mean? Is that right?"

However, Sean Don isn't letting it get him down, he's doing just the opposite. "It just motivates me, I told myself last year I was gunna be higher on that list, and I was higher this year, and next year I'ma be higher."

Peep the full interview below. Do you think Big Sean was at the right spot on MTV's list?