A few days ago, Big Sean teased his incoming return to the game, after essentially taking one year off to "soul search." Of course, a little bit of time away is often required, especially after 2017 brought a pair of Sean albums to the forefront in I Decided Double Or Nothin. Yet now that we're facing a brand new calendar year, many have come to realize that yes, they have indeed missed Big Sean's presence. Luckily, it would appear that the Detroit rapper has been sitting on some heat, and looks to be putting some groundwork on his upcoming and untitled album. 

Now, several new studio pictures have surfaced, which find Sean Don and Hit-Boy hard at work. It stands to reason that the pair have been working on a banger, if their previous track record is any indication. Recall that Sean and Hit-Boy have previously united for the anthemic "Clique," and it stands to reason that they're looking to capture lightning in a bottle yet again.

Stay tuned for more news on the return of Big Sean, and sound off below. You looking forward to hearing what he's got in the tank?