Super director and show creator Lena Waithe continues to widen her empire through her involvement in a series of new television shows and production deals all around. Most importantly, the creator of The Chi shared she would be working with BET Networks to formulate a new television series entitled Twenties. The executive producer will helm the half-hour comedy which is set to explore the lives of friends in their twenties as they attempt to navigate the world of adulting and all it entails (work, love, and life.) The show has already snagged some interesting choices for casting which include Christina Elmore, Sophina Brown and most recently, Big Sean

Waithe spoke with Variety on the casting choice and specifically on how she got Big Sean to be apart of the project. The series will be Big Sean's acting debut and he is set to star as Tristan. Apparently, Lena Waithe reached out to Big Sean for the role after he shouted her name during a concert. With regards to the situation, Sean spoke positively on Waithe: "She’s amazing for giving me my first chance to act and not playing myself, but actually playing a character. It’s something I take seriously."