Big Sean can now say he is "Finally Famous," but getting there didn't happen overnight. The rapper appeared on an  episode of MTV's "This Is How I Made It", and he discussed his come-up on the show.

During the episode, which premiered yesterday, Sean Don explains how he had to keep doing it big until the label finally took notice.

"The first party we threw was sold out, 800 people came through. The next one was like 1,000 people. We just kept doing it bigger and bigger and bigger," Sean said of the reaction to his first mixtape, Finally Famous. "Then, I put out another mixtape, Finally Famous Vol. 2, that expanded my crowd a little bit more, but the label still wasn't really all the way behind me. So I put out another mixtape, Finally Famous Vol. 3.That's when it kinda started to explode."

Big Sean is currently prepping his sophomore album, Hall Of Fame.