Big Sean recently did an interview with Yesi Ortiz of Power 106 in L.A., and he speaks on working with Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, producer No I.D., Kanye & Kim and more.

In this first part, Big Sean tells us he’s been working on four projects at once, "I’ve been working on four things at once, the G.O.O.D. Music project, my album so it’s just like we gotta get it altogether, we gotta make sure everything comes out at the right time."

Big Sean also talks about the new "Mercy" record, "That 'Mercy,' I feel like it set the internet on fire." He continued, "That verse came about, Kanye had the beat on one night after Watch the Throne, and we was just freestylin' to it, and that was what I freestyled to it, and he was like "you gotta say it! You gotta say it...‘roll the weed on it that’s an asstray.’" I’m like, "man, I ain’t bout to say that," and he was like,"if you don’t say it, I’ma say it!""

"Then Pusha came later, then 2 Chainz and everybody, I had the first verse to it, for awhile."

Listen to the entire clip below.

Big Sean goes on to say that Nicki Minaj will probably make an appearance on his album, "Probably so," he says, "We gotta couple things in the works, so we just gotta see how it comes out. She’s the homie though."

"We got some stuff with Wayne coming, I did some stuff with Wayne, I did [some stuff] on DJ Khaled’s new album."

Big Sean continues, "Shoutout to Justin Beiber, that’s my homie too man, we got something in the works as well.You gunna see it sooner or later, either my album or his album."

He continues to go on to talk about his friendship with Mike Posner, who he has been friends with since he was 17, and his first thoughts upon hearing ‘Ye’s "Theraflu" record. You can listen to the entire audio below. 

In this part of the interview, Big Sean comments on Kanye & Kim, and Kanye's "Theraflu" record. Big Sean says people ask if it's awkward between him and Wiz Khalifa, because of Kanye, and Big Sean says it's not. He explains him & Wiz have been through a lot together.

In this final clip, he talks about the G.O.O.D Music album and when to expect. He doesn't give a date, but says it should be coming this summer. Listen below.