Currently sitting in possession of the number one album with Detroit 2, Big Sean has been steadily basking in the success of his latest project. With his promotion run still ongoing, Sean Don took a moment to hit up Reddit's r/hiphopheads for an AMA, where he proceeded to field a few fan questions on a variety of different topics. Unfortunately, hip-hop AMAs can range in quality, depending how many answers the participating rapper is willing to provide. As of now, Sean's isn't exactly the most thorough, though he did take the time to offer a few key responses.

Big Sean AMA

 Jim Spellman/Getty Images

When asked about the recording process about the epic "Friday Night Cypher," which features basically the entire city of Detroit, Sean explained that everyone but Eminem and Royce Da 5'9" were present during the initial recoding session. "It was crazy taking 20+ verses and ideas and making it into a 10 min. song," explains Sean. "Getting and giving energy in the studio made it feel like we were back at that radio station in Detroit. We started with nothing just the idea then the idea came to flip the most classic lunch table beat ever (Grindin') and it was on from that."

On the topic of working with No I.D, Big Sean explained that regionalist history played a role in forming the partnership. "Working with No I.D. felt right for this song because he was able to that Chicago/Detroit feel that was very much needed," he stated, leaving it at that. He also confirmed that his favorite Anime was Dragon Ball Z "by far," and his favorite manga was One Punch Man. Circling back to the music, Sean opened up about the influence of Lil Waynewho appeared on "Don Life." "Big inspiration Big Motivation," writes Sean, speaking on Weezy. "Although ive never done a song for myself where I knew he was going to be on it. Ive always done a song then asked him to lay a verse later."

For more insight from Sean, be sure to head to the full AMA thread right here -- while it's not exactly the most active, it does provide a few interesting tidbits into Big Sean's creative process and outlook on the game at large.