While opinions of Big Sean may still be mixed, one thing people seem to be able to agree on is that Dark Sky Paradise is a major step up from the rapper's previous studio albums. A few things fell into place that ensured the record would be Sean's best yet, including a bonafide hit, and Kanye as an active participant in it's recording, but a major part of the reason the record came together so well for Sean was being able to record in the comfort of his own home, which he explained in an interview with Tim Westwood. 

"I recorded the whole thing in my crib," Sean said of the album. "I built a studio in my house. I didn't have any label heads in my ear. I was just focused on the music. I had producers from Key Wane, to Mustard To Kanye. It was just really cool to have people who saw the vision and were down, and they brought their A-Game. They came and made the beats at the crib. I would say 90% of them."

The GOOD rapper went on to list Jhene Aiko, Ty Dolla $ign, and Chris Brown among those who actually came through his place to record, but stressed that outside of the setting, the freedom of time was also a benefit. "[Professional studios] put you on a time schedule," Sean said of the restrictions he faced with his old recording process. "Sometimes I'm not in the mood to record at six. I'll be in the mood as soon as I wake up. I always had that problem, so it's really cool to finally get to the point where I can have my own studio."

The technique certainly paid off, as DSP is not only the rapper's strongest outing , but also his first #1 album. Watch the full interview below.