Bootleg Kev chopped it up with Big Sean on the phone recently, and they talked about his upcoming sophomore album.

The G.O.O.D. Music member spoke on his second album, and how far along he is with it. "We about like, eighty percent [done] with the album, seventy-five, eighty percent... and you know, I'm also doing a mixtape, 'cause that's how I got started and just to have fun with it man, just to add to the culture of things. You definitely can expect it this year [the album]. Definitely coming to a close of recording real soon."

He also spoke on a record called "Trash Bags." "That's definitely a strip club anthem," Big Sean said, "One of my favorites too, you know what I'm sayin'. Shoutout to Lifted. That's gunna be a big one, everyone on it." No word on what project it'll live on though, but he did reveal it has a similar line-up to the "Mercy" record. "We excited about that," he said.

On when Big Sean will be dropping his tape, he says he doesn't know. "It's really whenever we want too, we just making sure it's right for everybody. Ain't no rush, honestly. You know, I kinda got a lot of stuff out there already. So we just gettin' it together right now."