Fans have been patiently awaiting Big Sean’s new LP Hall Of Fame, especially after his Detroit mixtape did so well.  Now with a late August release date, and after revealing the full tracklist, the Detroit born rapper is ready to drop the LP, and in a recent interview even used the word “classic” to describe it.

Not wanting to dig himself too deep of a hole, Sean uses the word when referring to Hall Of Fame, but he means it in the sense that the project is a complete and cohesive album.  Telling Rolling Stone in an interview, "But I don't want to hype it up too much or anything.  People hear 'classic' and they expect like Jesus Christ to be on there rapping. What I mean by 'classic' is it's a pure body of work; there's quality songs."

He then talks about meeting his boyhood idol, Eminem, and getting the opportunity to spend over 12 hours in the studio with the rap legend, “That was probably one of the best days of my life.  Not only because I met Em' and we talked and exchanged stories, but because not only was I playing him my music but he was just so enthusiastic about it and loved it.”

Although this album will not feature Slim Shady, the anticipated album finally drops August 27th.