Big Sean, fresh off of the release of his new album Detroit 2, is finally launching his own label. During an #AskBigSean Q&A on Twitter yesterday, the rapper answered a fans question whether he's still signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music. He confirmed that this is, indeed, fact, though with his new album out, he plans on launching his own label.

"Yep! I’m starting my own after this album though. Any artist u think I need to sign? It’s time," he announced. He didn't share any other type of information regarding his forthcoming venture. Given how much he tries to give back to the city of Detroit, launching a label would likely be a solid move to put other talented artists from his city on, and establish his empire even further within his home turf. 

During the Q&A, Big Sean also revealed that J. Cole was supposed to be on the album but unfortunately, they never got the chance to finish the collab. "Me n J. Cole was working on something but it didn't get finished. That's my bro tho for sure," he said.