Big Sean continues to tease us about his forthcoming album, which doesn't have a title just yet (at least not one we know of). During a recent interview with High Snobiety, where he claimed that Kanye West's Yeezi 3 are "definitely better" than the Yeezy 2s, Sean Don also spoke on his new album and revealed it's basically ready to go.

Big Sean has spoke a bit on the album in the past, revealing we can expect a Kanye West feature, and saying the album is darker in tone. He once again affirms that the album is "darker than anything I've ever done." He also said that we can expect an announcement concerning the album "soon."

"We don’t want to set a date just yet, we’re just making sure everything’s right," the Detroit rapper said. "It’s pretty much ready; you guys will get it as soon as it’s ready and we’ll be making that announcement soon...It’s way darker than anything I’ve ever done, way harder than any album I’ve ever done. I’m pretty sure you’re going to like this album. The sound of it is definitely better than the mixtapes but it’s more of that type of intensity, high-level raps, and just not giving a fuck and going in."