While some G.O.O.D. Music members aren't aware of Cruel Summer follow-up, others have seemingly already recorded music for it, Big Sean now included. Kanye West, however, has yet to say word about it, so details are extremely scarce at this point.

While talking to DJ Semtex, Big Sean revealed that he has recorded material for Cruel Winter, however he is unsure of any release date. "Yeah, you're gunna get it [Cruel Winter]," Sean Don said. When asked if we'll be getting it before Christmas, Big Sean wasn't sure, however he says you won't have to wait 'til Spring. "It can't be Cruel Spring, it's gotta be in a timely fashion."  

He spoke briefly on the cut he did for Cruel Winter, saying it was so good he almost wanted to keep it for his sophomore album, Hall Of Fame. "I know I did something for it, for Cruel Winter, and I was like goddammit, I might needa cut this for my album, 'cause it's really good."

Listen to the audio clip from the interview here (via MissInfo).

Big Sean's Hall Of Fame LP is in the works, and is set to drop in early 2013.