Sean Don season commenced at Halloween, as he shared two new tracks, "No More Interviews" and "Bounce Back." Both singles are potential candidates for his next album, which will be the follow-up to Dark Sky Paradise, released in February 2015. He has said that he has a release date in mind for the album, though he's not ready to share it just yet. He did reveal, however, that 2017 will not only bring a solo album but also another joint project with Jhene Aiko, with whom he makes up the duo TWENTY88. 

TWENTY88's first self-titled project was released in April of this year. The 8-track album was released shortly after it was publicly revealed that Aiko was married to producer Dot Da Genius. She and Dot would go on to experience a nasty divorce this summer. It's now widely presumed that Aiko is dating her TWENTY88 partner. Sean even suggests that the two of them are "#Soulmates" in the tweet in which he announced their new album. He also suggested that Aiko would be dropping a solo project of her own in 2017.