The latest stop on his promotional tour, Big Sean visited Trevor Noah on The Daily Show and revealed some details about his upcoming I Decided album. Notably, Sean Don said the last track on his project would feature something special for the people of Flint, Michigan.

"The last song on my album, I'm featuring the Flint Chosen Choir -- it's a choir from Flint -- just to reach out and show some support from their side too creatively," he said. "It's a song called "Bigger Than Me." Once you hear it, you'll see why I wanted them to be on it. I was just happy to have Flint be part of my album in that way as well too."

The Detroit rapper has set up a charity organization called the Sean Anderson Foundation. He was personally touched by the Flint water crisis. His own mother suffered a bout of lead poisoning while caring for residents in need of clean water.

"We raised just about $100,000 for Flint on our own through the Foundation to seek proper care and not just water but all these different things," the "Bounce Back" rapper said. 

According to The New York Times, the lead levels in Flint's drinkable water supply are now compliant with federal regulations. However, residents won't be able to drink from their faucets for another year or more because lead-tainted pipes need to be replaced.