Earlier this week, Ludacris surprised everyone when he aired out Drake and Big Sean on a mixtape record titled, ‘Bada Boom’ and ‘History Lesson’. The records were in response to Drake and Big Sean’s past interviews were they alluded to him using their flows. In a recent interview with a Seattle Radio Station KUBE 93, Big Sean responded to Luda’s diss by saying that he has no issues with Ludacris:

I don’t have any problems with Luda and I never did. I think he’s referring to an interview I did over a year ago, literally over a year ago. In the interview, I said he’s a legend; I respect people who came up ahead of me. I respect the O.G’s of the G’s in general. They were telling me about the supa dupa flow because on second mixtape “U Know Big Sean” I had a flow on there where I was using one word to describe another word in the punch line form. I would give them line after line, after line, barcode. I feel like Drake made it more popular on that song “Forever.” A lot of people thought Drake made this up and it was new and Drake said “I can trace that back to Big Sean on his mixtape. That’s where I first heard it and I think that’s where a lot of Mcee’s got it from,” that’s what Drake said. So people were saying “Yo, this is your flow that you came up with” and I was like okay.

When asked if he felt as though he was the first to use that rhyming style, Big Sean responded:

Nah, let me tell you something, I’m pretty sure it was done before then. We’re talking about now, where it came from. I feel like a lot of people got it from Drake. Drake was like, “Yo, I got this from Sean.” That’s just how it was. I’m not trying to debate I was the first to do this ever. I’m just saying that’s where it was between us. So then they were like what’s a good example of this and a bad example of that? So I said Luda’s line. I’m telling you, this was over a year ago. I can’t believe it was something lingering this long because I’ve talked to his mangers and I’ve kicked it with him and stuff.

I don’t have any issue with Luda. I didn’t even know he cared that much for a year to be still thinking about what I said in an interview. It’s not like I was like, “Luda is weak.” I think Luda is a legend and one of the best. I’m not going to front.

Do you think Ludacris is saying these things to stay relevant?

Yo, I couldn’t even tell you why another man would do that. I think people just want to see some beef. I’ll tell you this now; a lot of people think me and Drake got problems and I can only speak for my side but I talked to Drake a month or two ago and everything was all cool. I don’t know personally if he has any issues with me now but as far as I’m concerned that’s the homie and I don’t have anything against him. Luda is Luda; I don’t really know Luda like that so I can’t say anything but I don’t have anything against him. I’m surprised he cared so much. Somebody that’s been in the game that long, I didn’t think that they would be hanging on to what people say so much.

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