He's been candid about his journey to enlightenment over the past year or two, and Big Sean recently revealed that he received a bit of support from an unlikely source. The Detroit rapper is returning with a brand new album soon, and while we wait on more news regarding his forthcoming project, Big Sean continues to make the media rounds to hype the album. He was recently featured on Hot Ones, the series that places celebrities in the hot seat as they eat wings that get progressively spicier as time goes on. While he nibbled on chicken, Sean Don revealed that music icon Elton John gave him a call while he was on a bit of a hiatus.

Big Sean, Elton John
Christopher Polk / Staff / Getty Images

"Elton John called me on my birthday, and he was like, 'Hey man, I read in an article somewhere that you're like, you're going through a growth in your life, a spiritual journey,'" Sean recalled Elton John saying. "'I just want to tell you I been through that, too. I don't know if people ever take the time out to call and tell you that it's okay, man. It's okay to figure yourself out. It's okay to take some time [to] come back as a better version of yourself.' He talked to me for like...we probably was on the phone for like an hour that day."

Check out more from Big Sean on Hot Ones below and watch the rapper channel his "inner Buddha" as he handles the heat.