Despite putting out two solid projects this year, I Decided and Double Or Nothing, Big Sean has continuously been clowned on by haters, almost to the point of exaggeration. If you were to look online, you'd think he was one of the worst lyricists to ever pick up a pen. In fact, out of all the relatively big name rappers, Big Sean probably receives the most hate, despite the fact that he's putting out quality music while simultaneously dating Jhene Aiko. Suffice it to say, Big Sean has had to deal with a fair share of criticism over the year, which gives him something in common with Bryson Tiller.

While Tiller has had a relatively successful year, dropping off True To Self and featuring on one of the year's biggest songs "Wild Thoughts," he was still hit with widespread criticism. Yesterday, Tiller seemed to have decided to take a stand against the negativity, tweeting out "spent a lot of time tryin to fix what haters didn’t like about me only to be reminded by those who love me that i was never broken.. focus on the love never the hate." 

Clearly, Tiller seems focused on coming through for a positive 2018, and his words seemed to have resonated with Sean Don. Seeing an opportunity to dole out some OG-level wisdom,  Sean responded with some motivation of his own:

Facts! U can’t please everybody bro, atleast please yourself! No point in changing your frequency of joy n love to accommodate opinions or hate. I had to learn that too. Keep up the good work, 2018 lookin bright! 

Here's hoping that 2018 can follow Sean and Tiller's wave and bring out some positive vibes.