The city of Detroit has been in the news often lately, as its state of disrepair has come to the forefront of national media.  Recently, the D’s Danny Brown was speaking about his hometown in an interview and the subject of Big Sean came up, and Brown questioned the G.O.O.D. Music rapper’s credibility.  Now Sean fires back.

In an interview, the Hall Of Fame rapper doesn’t mention Danny by name, but calls out anyone that questions where he’s from and his love for Detroit, “Fuck whoever talking about Big Sean and don't know nothing about Detroit or the streets of Detroit.  I be in there.”

Further explaining how deeply vested he is in the 313, Big Sean talks about how he has given back to the community, and helping out in impoverished areas, “Matter of fact, not only do I be there and be in the hood, I be helping the hood and giving back to the hood.  I'm the only one at all of ya'll rappers or even new rappers who was paying for Thanksgiving dinners last year, buying Christmas gifts.  He then emphatically adds, "So if you ever talking shit about me like I ain't be up in the hood, nigga you crazy." 

Hard to tell if these comments are directly aimed at Danny Brown, but considering the timing it certainly appears so. 


[UPDATE: Big Sean & Danny Brown Squash Beef]

The potential beef between the Detroit emcees has been preemptively settled. 

Yesterday, a fan reached out to Big Sean and Danny Brown via Twitter, asking that the two emcees "get it together" so as to not divide their city. Sean responded and assured her that he and Brown "talked like men and got it all squared away", agreeing that "the city needs to stick together". Brown later retweeted the response, which seems to confirm a truce. 

Considering Detroit's current state, this is definitely for the best. Read Sean's tweet below.