Long considered an underdog in the rap game, Big Sean is now welcoming acclaim from insiders as well as the general public. His recently released album I Decided debuted at the top of the Billlboard 200 charts replacing MigosCulture. The Detroit emcee sat down with Genius to explain the backstory to some of his lyrics on the track "Bounce Back," now certified gold.

"You measure the character of a person of how they bounce back, how they handle themselves after that," Sean said about the hook. Is it going to tear you down or [...] make you come back even harder."

Sean Don went on to say that he always knew that someday, people would recognize his true value. In the video, he spits his second verse, "the underdog just turned into the wolf and the hunger steady grows/Yeah I call shots while you call off/Never taking summer or fall off."

"I remember my manager told me, 'You know what happens to he underdog," Sean said about the end of his second verse. "'It eventually turns into the big dog.' That always stuck with me. Just that mentality."

Watch the video below to catch more lyrics from the master.