Big Sean may be relatively quiet right now when it comes to his music, but he’s not staying out of touch with the real world. On Wednesday night, the Detroit decided to take time and send out a heartfelt message to those affected by the senseless act of terrorism in Las Vegas Sunday night.

Hopping on Instagram and leaving the caption “pray for the world,” Sean talks about having family in Las Vegas, and just being there the week before the shooting massacre took place.

“Hey I just wanted to say… I got a brother, sister, niece, two nephews who live in Vegas that I see every time Im in Vegas. I was just there last week performing at a music festival and Ill be back there in a few days. And I don't know what I would've done if something happened along the lines what happened the night before last. You know the tragedy. My heart goes out to the families to the people who are in pain. I feel like the whole world is in pain right now. From our World leaders to natural disasters, the hurricanes, Puerto Rico, tornados, just the crime. I just want to remind people in times like these man not to give up on themselves, not to give up on humanity. Only way we gon' get through this is rising above and doing it out of love,” Sean said in the first clip.

“My heart goes to anyone who needs it. Prayers are for anyone who needs it. Don't give up. Keep your faith strong, keep your God strong. And like I said lets take responsibility for not just ourselves but for others too. You know what Im saying? Love,” he later added.

The message comes just a week or two after Sean made an appearance on girlfriend Jhene Aiko’s new TRIP album on the record “Moments,” which you can listen to right here if you missed it.

Check out Sean Don’s heartfelt message (below) and look out for details on upcoming music from the Detroit lyricist to surface hopefully sooner than later. In the meantime, revisit some of Sean’s best 25 songs of all-time right here to hold you over.