Rumors started circulating last week about Big Sean and potential girl, Naya Rivera, (who stars in the T.V. show "Glee"), when the two hit the red carpet together for the premiere of the movie "42."

The rapper, who recently dropped off a new cut, "Switch Up," confirmed that the rumors are true while talking to WKYS’ Urban Informer. Big Sean spoke on his new girlfriend, and their recently public relationship, saying that they are both private people, which is why it was kept on the down-low. "Naya, I been dating her for a little while, and I guess that event (the "42" premiere) was one of the first big events that came up while I was dating her," the rapper said. "We were like, 'Yo let's go to it' because we both wanted to go. I'm kinda a private person and she's a private person."

He also spoke on his former girlfriend, who he had since high school, but says they grew up apart. "I had a girlfriend too before that who I was with since I was like.... I always been in a relationship since I was 18 or 19 when I got with her," Big Sean said. "Things didn't work out and not because of this music stuff. But sometimes when you're with somebody and you're 18 and you grow up...and it's long distance because she lived in New York and I lived in grow apart as people. It's nothing more and nothing less."

Although he has a new girl, Sean says he hasn't changed. "It's not like I've changed. It's not like that at all. We just really had our differences and it just clearly didn't work out," he added, before getting back to current flame, Naya. "It may work out later, it may come back too. Who knows. But as far as Naya, it's something new. Naya's really cool. Our relationship is cool. She's tight."

Big Sean also says that "Switch Up" is not an official single off the album, but just something he wanted to feed the streets with. Expect new music from Hall Of Fame to arrive soon.

Check out Sean Don's interview below. See some flicks of  the couple, as well as of Naya's shoot with Maxim, in the gallery above,