Leaks suck for artists, and when they're unfinished leaks, they suck for everybody. It seems "Living Single," a new song with Big Sean, Chance The Rapper, Jeremih, and Smino that surfaced online this week, is in the latter category. Both Chance The Rapper and Big Sean expressed their disappointment over the track's unofficial release.

"Damn "Living Single" was actually something I was workin on for my album, sucks when people leak something not ready n spoil 4 da listeners," Sean revealed, while Chance tried to express how artists are affected by leaks. “Idk how to explain to you how that feels, but I doesn’t feel good,” he said.

Chance had previously revealed that there were multiple collaborations he did with both Big Sean and J. Cole that label politics kept off of Coloring Book, but it's not clear if this track was from the same sessions.

View their tweets below.