It's no secret that Big Sean and Jhene Aiko are one of the cutest power couples ever (I will die on this hill). They prove that to fans on a regular basis, whether it be on Instagram or through their music. So, it's no surprise that Big Sean just shared an emotional post on Instagram, celebrating his fortunate life with Aiko, and their professional achievements. 

He shared a series of photos of him and Aiko, with a heartwarming caption stating how grateful he is. "It felt good to not have to think about anything but waking up and safely enjoying life for a few days!," he wrote. "We woke up one morning to @recordingacademy nominations and the Pacific Ocean n each other, and I am honored and grateful to live the life I do. Thank you!"

Earlier this week, Big Sean was nominated for Best Rap Performance for his album, Detroit 2’s single, “Deep Reverence,” featuring the late, great, Nipsey Hussle. Aiko was nominated for Album of the Year, Best R&B Performance, and Best Progressive R&B Album, thanks to her latest project, Chilombo. Following the listing of the official nominations, the pair adorably congratulated each other on Twitter. "Congratulations baby," Aiko wrote, "Congrats to you baby! Well deserved," Sean returned.

Despite the couple taking a break from their relationship back in spring 2019, their 2020 reunion has been a profound one that fans can't stop gushing over.