"Are Big Sean and Jhene Aiko dating again?" is a question at the front of everyone's minds, but no one seems to have a definite answer. Either they're intentionally keeping this information a secret, or, as Jhene said on her new song, it's "None of Your Concern." When she released this song two weeks ago, it spawned a lot of conversation. Firstly, it was an interesting choice for her to enlist her ex, Big Sean, to contribute a verse to a song in which she seemed to be not-so-subtly shading him. Secondly, listeners clutched their pearls upon hearing Sean boast that he had once made Jhene "cum nine times in one day.

Sean and Jhene have been so involved in one another's lives recently that it's hard to imagine there's no romantic dimension to their relationship anymore. Our curiosity is fueled when we see them making sexual remarks in the IG comments section. I suppose when someone gives you that level of satisfaction it's hard to entirely distance yourself from them. 

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Regardless of the nature of their relationship, they continue to show that they're on good terms. The most recent proof of this is that Sean Don attended Jhene's daughter, Namiko's 11 birthday party. On her Instagram story, Jhene posted a photo booth strip of her and her former (?) boo throwing up peace signs. We're always happy to see them happy.