Cardi B and Offset, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian or even Jay-Z and Beyoncé are hip-hop pairings that many non-celebrity couples have or are currently in the midst of modeling themselves after. Be it from a fashion standpoint or just looks and compatibility-wise, they are famous people who represent couple goals for lots of people. However, there's one romantic item that often gets overlooked in the rap world, but they definitely deserve more recognition: Big Sean and Jhene Aiko.

There are many, many examples as to why these two are the real couple goals in hip-hop right now, but take their appearances at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week yesterday (January 23rd) as an example. Sean and Jhene were guests at the Dior Masquerade Ball, a classy affair where they dressed to impress. He was clad in a white double-breasted jacket that added some James Bond-style gravitas to his all-black attire, while she wore a jaw-dropping dress that shone with different shades of amber, orange, and red. Check out some of the pictures from that evening below.

The couple are no stranger to stepping out in style together, but they can also do so in an outdoorsy way. Earlier this month, the two embarked on a hiking adventure that came complete with lush views and waterfalls backdrops from those perfect Instagram pictures. A couple that hikes together, definitely stays together.

What do you think - are Big Sean and Jhene Aiko relationship goals in hip-hop right now? Let us know what you think.