Big Sean and Lil Chano have once again reunited. After their previous drop "Living Single" established a chemistry on wax, the duo recently linked up for an appearance at Socialworks Chi's "Open Mike" event, which took place yesterday on April 2nd. While Sean and Chance seem cut from different stylistic cloths, their musical union has proven beneficial to both parties. As it happens, Sean and Chano alike have upcoming projects in the pipeline, and from the look of it, a collaboration will be blessing one or both of their efforts. 

These days, rappers are all about the studio footage tease; younger artists have shared songs years in advance through a self-shot, smoke-filled studio clip. Now, footage has emerged placing both Sean and Chance in the same session, along with a potential engineer. While the clip is unfortunately without audio, it's clear that the duo are hard at work on some new sounds. Perhaps a followup of "Living Single" is in the works, only this time, the rappers can provide an updated take on fatherhood and monogamy. 

Admittedly, we don't know much about this artistic union. Still, it's good to know that Chance and Sean are working on some new vibes. On our IG page, we asked who you want to see producing this one - any suggestions?