Last night, Big Sean teamed up with Metro Boomin and 21 Savage to deliver a new single called "Pull Up N Wreck." And while it immediately earned a VERY HOTTTT user rating, it also managed to catch our eye for another reason. In fact, it's been a minute since a song has amassed such a lively discussion from our community, with over one hundred of ya'll chiming in with your two cents. Generally, and much to the dismay of a certain number of ya'll, these type of wide scale releases merit a Twitter Reacts style article, but today, we figured we'd switch it up. After all, our users never fail to hold back, telling it like it is with insightful, and sometimes hilarious results (yes, even the haters). 

We combed through some of the more memorable comments and compiled some of our favorites. Clearly, ya'll were feeling this latest drop, and while some are quick to label Big Sean mediocre, he must be doing something right. Maybe Metro Boomin really is the answer. Either way, check out some of HNHH's favorite user reactions to "Pull Up N Wreck." If enough engagement starts popping off, maybe Twitter-reacts will become a thing of the past. Maybe.



Young Thug's Teeth


Trill Cosby

Cole Da Goat


Cloth Talk

reddy red

Luda Richie