Big Pun's undoubtedly one of the greatest emcees to ever step foot in a booth. The rapper may have died too early but his legacy still lives years after his death. While his face and image are used on clothing to pay homage to the late rapper, his wife seems to be having an issue with a certain retailer selling them. 

Big Pun's widow is reportedly suing Wal-Mart for using the rapper's image on their clothing, TMZ reports. Liza Rios is getting at Wal-Mart for using pictures and logos of the rapper for a line of clothing and merchandise their selling. According to the report, she's saying they completely lifted the trademark she received after Pun's death. The image is a silhouette of Big Pun is a Jordan brand pose with a microphone in his hand instead of a basketball in front of the words "Big Pun."

While the report says that she'll be taking Wal-Mart to court, the clothes were actually made by a company RedBubble. Liza is suing them as well.

According to the suit, both companies willfully infringed on the trademark and have complete knowledge that they lifted the logo from Big Pun's brand and continue to use his logo without the right authorization. She's now suing them for all profits made from the shirts as well as any other sales in the future. In addition, she's looking for $10M in statutory damages from RedBubble and another manufacturing company, Cloudfare. However, Wal-Mart is reportedly clear from that.