Big Lenbo: On The Come Up

Aron A.
November 01, 2017 17:00

Big Lenbo talks Logic, Strange Days mixtape and more on the latest episode of "On The Come Up."

Big Lenbo's bubbled up quite a bit after the release of his latest mixtape, Strange DaysAs an original member of the Rattpack, he's been a close friend of Logic since 2009 and even made his debut feature on Logic's "Young Jesus" off of his The Incredible True Story album. He recently popped by our offices for the latest episode of "On The Come Up" where he spoke to us about Logic, Strange Days, the adversities he's faced and more.

During our recent sit down with Big Lenbo, he gave us some insight on his relationship with Logic. The two of them have been close since 2009 after Lenbo saw Logic open for Ghostface Killah in Maryland and Lenbo even let Logic live in his basement during dire times. Logic later helped Lenbo launch his career with their collaboration on "Young Jesus." He says the feedback really helped him build the confidence he needed as a rapper.

"Working with Logic, quitting my normal job and moving to L.A., I was trying to figure out where I'd fit in the music industry. After we created "Young Jesus" and that came out and it got good feedback, it really made me realize I did want to do the artist thing, go the artist route," he told us.

He also talked to us about the creation of his latest mixtape Strange Days. He says the project's creation came during a time of adversity when he was also questioning whether he wanted to pursue a career as an artist. The thought of giving up hope crossed his mind which eventually led to his departure from L.A. However, he says prospering through that situation ultimately inspired the creation of Strange Days.

"Last year, I gave up man. Last summer I gave up trying to be the artist. I left L.A. and I was really at my wits end. I've never been at such a crisis moment in my life, just not knowing where things were headed," he said, "I had a conversation with Logic and I ended up coming back. At that time, I'm depending a lot on him, I'm depending a lot of other family members and I've never been like that... So living this way where you gotta lean so much on other people and really not knowing where my future was going, was very strange to me. So I really felt like I was in strange days."

He also talks to us about touring with Logic and Joey BadA$$, his childhood, his inspirations and more. 

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