Those who have been following BET's "Rate The Bars" series already know the potential for hilarity, as lyricists like Royce Da 5'9", Scarface, and T.I. play the literary critic for a minute. The latest installment finds 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time mastermind Big K.R.I.T. in the hot-seat, as he's fielded some of the finest prose from the likes of Scarface, Pimp C, and more. The episode kicks off with some bars from Face, which K.R.I.T. accepts with open arms. He feels particularly fond of his own work, which he proceeds to shower with praise, albeit of the tongue-and-cheek variety; still, as Eminem once stated - "a lot of truth is said in jest." 

When faced with Lil B's revolutionary "Wonton Soup," K.R.I.T proves that real recognize real, giving it a solid four out of a five. "He seems very confident and serious about gunplay," says the rapper. "He's about that life, shit, it's pretty aggressive...There's a lot going on in these four bars!" He proceeds to rank some bars from Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot banger "Daddy Fat Saxx," appreciating the politically charged lyrical content; it's no surprise, considering K.R.I.T.'s own penchant for socio-political commentary.

The saga continues as K.R.I.T. analyzes one of Pimp C's more controversial fantasies - the bedding of a pregnant woman. In fact, the Pimp C bars arise from a song we at HNHH deemed one of the most disturbing songs of all time - "Pregnant Pussy." See if K.R.I.T. shares our consensus below.