Big K.R.I.T. stopped by Sway in the Morning Thursday to talk about his status as an independent artist and the evolving role of record labels. Krit explained that there are different metrics of success; he aims for longevity while record label are focused on manufacturing hits. 

"You shouldn't gauge your success off another person's success," he said. "Me, I can say I'm happy."

He added that if he doesn't become any more popular, he'll be fine because he has already accomplished his mission, which is to "put out music that helped people or at least inspired them at the end of the day."

The interview culminated debut of a new song called "Free Agent." “Even when I was signed, it was Multi till I die, proving motherfuckers wrong every goddamn time," Krizzle raps.

He also spit a quick freestyle at the 26-minute mark. "Free Agent" begins at the 35-minute mark.