In case you didn't know, K.R.I.T. Iz Here, and Big K.R.I.T has been celebrating his latest drop with a press run. Today marks his appearance on The Breakfast Club, which finds the rapper in fine form as per usual. Off top, Charlamagne openly ponders the perils of an independent route, claiming that K.R.I.T had at least two records in "Addiction" and "Obvious" that might have benefited from a label push. "We gon' push it!" replies K.R.I.T. "We movin' right now. I'm hand to hand, I really pull up to the radio station. Old school flow. Chop it up with these DJs. Even moving around, I've had relationships over years of like, we always show up and then we tour. We ready, we prepared for this."

Envy inquires about the money situation, and K.R.I.T confirms that independence has been a fruitful state. "I'm putting my money back into my company though," he reveals. "You might not see me wearing it all the time, but I'm putting it right back. Investing in the multis, the brand. It's really a multimedia company. I'll sign a muralist if they right with it."

"Shout out to Wayne, man," says K.R.I.T. "Obviously, he's an OG and a legend. "I think it's one of those situations where my manager was in the right place in the right time, and was able to link with his manager, and then going from that to be able to get the feature...Wayne sent me an A+ verse real quick." He grins. "Rico Love was in the studio with Saweetie at the time, and Rico co-produced the album with my manager. He was able to get Saweetie on the record when she was in the midst of working on her stuff. Now you got this 'form like Voltron' sort of record."

Be sure to check out the full interview below, and go stream that new Krizzle album one time