Big K.R.I.T. recently revealed in a studio session vlog that he is indeed working on new music, and the title of his next mixtape is named after him-- K.R.I.T. (King Remembered In Time). This announcement came pretty randomly, and it turns out, the announcement came early because K.R.I.T. was drunk when he said it. 

Nonetheless, fans were pleased by the news, and in a new interview with HHS1987, Krizzle talks about the already anticipated tape. K.R.I.T. also spoke on not over-saturating your fans with music, but finding that right balance of musical output. He also talked about recording "1Train" for A$AP Rocky, and as well discussed how the Smoker's Club Tour helped his career as an artist. 

"It's difficult. You just gotta know when, aight, I've waited too long to put something out, or people ready. Twitter normally is a good indicator of when people are kinda ready for you to put new music out. But if they've always known you take your time and drop quality content, then they know it's gunna be worth it when it finally comes out, so they'll chill," Big K.R.I.T. said of not over-saturating fans but still keeping them satisfied. "And even more now and then ever I'm working with other artists, a lot of my peers, [like] the "1Train" record with A$AP, that is also content that comes out, kinda holds people over until I'm done." 

Krizzle went on to discuss working on "1Train," and he gives thanks to Rocky for naming his verse the best on the posse cut. "Man, I appreciate the homie for that one too," the Southern rapper said, explaining how the Long.Live.A$AP cut differed from a joint he would do by himself. "Man, I think everybody had phenomenal verses, and it was dope because when he send me the instrumental there was no rapping on it, and...I was like so what's the topic of the record? He was like just go in. It's been awhile since I had a record where I just went in, 'cause a lot of my songs and concepts are driven by the hook, and I'm keen on that. So I had the opportunity to state a lot of facts, get a lot off my chest, be as arrogant as I want to and I think people enjoyed that."

Finally, he spoke briefly on what to expect from the upcoming K.R.I.T. mixtape. "Just a little bit more of a confidence, as far as me knowing what I'm doing, knowing my role a little more as far as music is concerned, knowing how to incorporate soul with a little bit of flair, a little bit of arrogance to it" he continued, "It's not gunna be a conceptual project, because I just wanted to put out the hardest music I possibly could, but it's definitely gunna be a great project."

Check out the interview below.