For any emcee over the age of 40, it's likely that Big Daddy Kane is among their key formative influences. Easily one of the forefathers of hip-hop, the dexterous spitter has come to encapsulate the archetype of "your favorite rapper's favorite rapper." Alongside fellow lyricists like KRS One and Rakim, Kane paved the way for those that followed in his footsteps -- including Eminem, JAY-Z, and Common.

In case you missed it, Kane has been actively working on an upcoming Netflix documentary titled Paragraphs I Manifest, and according to a recent report by HipHopDX, there are going to be a few high-profile guests on board. Speaking with the publication, Kane confirmed that Em, JAY, Common, and more will be appearing in the film. “I got JAY-Z, Eminem, KRS-One, Doug E. Fresh,” he confirmed. “I even got some of the battle rappers like Goodz Da Animal and Aye Verb, so it’s coming out real good. I’m supposed to do Common.”

Big Daddy Kane

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Evidently, Kane succeeded in his goal of securing a Common interview; he later posted a picture of their link-up on his Instagram page, as he once did following his meetings with Em and Hov. It should be noted that after Kane connected with Slim Shady, many speculated that the pair were in the midst of recording a collaboration. Alas, that does not appear to be the case, though it should certainly be interesting hearing the pair in conversation.

According to Kane's recent post with Common, the project is nearing completion. "We almost done," he confirms. Keep an eye out for an official release date whenever it ends up surfacing. Are you excited to see Big Daddy Kane's upcoming documentary?