This year's Super Bowl halftime show has been extremely controversial, more so than most other years. The NFL's blackballed Colin Kaepernick who took a stance against police brutality towards minorities. The feud has become much bigger than the NFL with entertainers, politicians -- including Trump -- and many others have chimed in on. Maroon 5 confirmed they would be performing at the Super Bowl, but they were reportedly having a hard time landing special guests. After confirming Travis Scott would be performing at the Super Bowl, they've now brought on a legend from Atlanta for some extra assistance.

With the Super Bowl taking place in Atlanta this year, it would've been a bad look for the NFL and Maroon 5 if they didn't bring atleast one of the legendary and influential artists from the city. Along with Travis Scott, Big Boi will also be performing at the Super Bowl halftime show. Big Boi confirmed the news on social media earlier today.

Big Boi hasn't received nearly the same amount of backlash as Travis Scott did when reports hit that he was performing at the Super Bowl. While people were disappointed in Travis Scott for signing on for the Super Bowl, several others are wondering if Big Boi will bring out Andre 3000 for a special Outkast reunion. While it seems unlikely, it would be monumental if Outkast officially reunited for the Super Bowl.