With Boomiverse right around the corner (Friday, June 16th), Big Boi recently stopped by Zane Lowe to hype up the album. Daddy Fat Sax also previewed a new song called "Chocolate," which features a four on the four beat and some techno-inspired synth. It seems as if they only played a portion of the song, but overall, it sounds as if the record will be a dance friendly one. 

"I had the beat for a while, I used to test it out at the club and the people just go crazy," said Big Boi, before jumping into it. After the track concludes, Big Boi drops another major teaser. "Ya'll support, and I got another twelve songs ready cocked and loaded, soon as they show appreciation. Boomiverse is stack one, and I also got stack two." 

There you have it. Big Boi will be releasing not one, but two albums. While we're not sure of any release date for "stack two," Big Boi's enthusiasm indicates it will be coming sooner than later. Check out Chocolate below.